CORESS is an independent charity, which aims to promote safety in surgical practice in the NHS and the private sector. The charity receives confidential incident reports from surgeons and theatre staff. These confidential reports are analysed by the CORESS Advisory Committee, who make comments and extract lessons to be learned.

CORESS then publishes these reports alongside the Advisory Committees’ safety lessons in surgical literature to educate fellow surgeons. and to reduce the chances of a similar incident re-occurring in another theatre. CORESS aims to educate, rather than blame, and it serves all surgical disciplines.

Some of its key features are:

  • Analysing safety-related reports which would not otherwise be available
  • At all times keeping the identity of the reporter confidential
  • Publishing reports widely in surgical literature to educate surgeons and other theatre staff
  • Hosting training courses on safer surgical practice and human factors

For further information, please contact or call 07973 406 408. You can download previous CORESS Reports here